YOUN-I 2.0

4003189-014 Abus





A modern and safe bicycle helmet that appeals to two generations at once. With the Youn-I 2.0 model, ABUS has succeeded in bridging the gap between adult and youth helmets.

Adults are role models for children and therefore they should also wear a bicycle helmet. Many of the serious brain injuries caused by bicycle accidents could be avoided in this way. However, women with a narrow head in particular often cannot find the right helmet. The simple yet modern look meets the needs of young cyclists as well as the need of many women for a bicycle helmet for narrower heads. The Youn-I 2.0 impresses with a simple, urban and fashion-conscious look that appeals to both generations.

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YOUN-I 2.0


M (52-57)
Base colour 1
Manufacturer colour
glacier blue
Model year

Please note that there may be deviations between the specified and the installed components on bicycles.

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