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We have been dedicated to perfecting our craft since 1927.

The partnership with our customers does not end with the purchase of the product, it really begins there.

Our experience is your great advantage

Admittedly, the purpose and technology of the "drahtesel" from 1927 - when the Zweirad Stenger company was founded - can hardly be compared with the latest generation of bicycles, but the experience that we have gained with two-wheelers for over 90 years is useful to our customers and customers benefit from concentrated expertise in selection, advice and service.

  • 1927

    Anmelde-Urkunde aus dem Jahr 1927 als Start der Erfolgsgeschichte von Zweirad Stenger.

    Company founded by Ludwig Fleckenstein in Hösbach with the leading bicycle brands Gritzner and Phenom.

  • 1971

    Robert Stenger takes over the management as a newly qualified master mechanic.

    Likewise will Salesroom and workshop expanded.

  • 1980

    Robert Stenger's son, Bernd Stenger, joins the business.

  • 1988

    Start of the partnership with SPECIALIZED.

  • 1998

    Bernd Stenger takes over the company from his father Robert Stenger.

  • 2000

    Opening of the first Stenger online store.

  • 2011

    Opening of our store in the main station of Aschaffenburg.

  • 2017

    90 years of Zweirad Stenger.

    The completion of the new building in Hösbach and the subsequent move from Schöllkrippener Straße to Frohnradstraße.

    Opening of the new company headquarters in January 2018.

  • 2023

    Simon Deckert will take over the board from April 1st.

    Opening of the logistics center in June.

  • Redefine the fun of cycling

    We are driven by our passionate quest to elevate the everyday and create unique cycling experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We strongly believe in the power of cycling to inspire a sense of adventure, self-discovery and excitement. With innovation and quality as our guides, we strive to push the boundaries, redefine the art of cycling and unlock the endless possibilities that await on two wheels.

  • Everything from a single source with first-class service

    • As a premier bike shop, we pride ourselves on offering our customers an extensive selection of high quality bikes. Our product range includes the latest models as well as a wide variety of bike styles and types to meet our customers individual needs and preferences. From mountain bikes to racing bikes to city bikes and e-bikes - we have the right bike for everyone.
    • For us, excellent customer service is our top priority. Our team consists of competent and friendly employees who are passionate cyclists. We are always ready to help our customers choose the perfect bike and accessories. Our expert advice, customization and qualified maintenance services ensure an all-round shopping experience that our customers value.
    • Last but not least, we not only offer bicycles, but also spare parts and first-class repair services. We want to ensure that our customers can keep their bikes in optimal condition and have quick access to repairs if necessary. With our wide range of products and our commitment to first-class customer service, we are your trustworthy partner for all bicycle-related questions.
  • Stenger Racing Bike Team

    For the employees of Zweirad Stenger, cycling doesn’t just mean mobility. Above all, it is fun and sport. In order to document this to the public, we founded the “Bike Team Stenger” (BTS) in 1989 with a few committed mountain bike pioneers. In the meantime, this has become a committed team with a large number of members who compete in the black, red and white Stenger jersey at a variety of renowned events on mountain bikes, racing bikes and even triathlons in a wide range of age and ability classes far beyond our region attend events.

    Discover our bike team

One family,
One company,
One unit as a team,
One sense of unity with every single customer

One team with enthusiasm for cycling

  • Managing Director

    Simon Deckert

    Our captain on the bike and in the office, who holds the wheel in his hand and always moves up a gear, be it on the bike or in business.

  • Growth Manager

    Annika Braun

    Annika is the strategist, especially in the areas of marketing and e-commerce, who leads our company to new heights. With her ambition and enthusiasm, she drives us to get more and more people excited about the fascination of cycling.

  • Store management

    Jochen Herold

    The boss of our shop – a real bike whisperer. Whether on the sales floor or in the back room, this is the hub for all questions about bikes.

  • HR management

    Beatrix Schulz

    The unicycle coordinator – she ensures that our team works together like well-oiled chains and is always on the right track.

  • Sales management

    Andreas Kempf

    Andi always advises you with a smile and helps you find the perfect bike for your upcoming adventures.

  • Sales

    Alex Hornung

    Alex is the expert for everything that has two wheels and will work with you to find the perfect bike for your needs.

  • sale

    Martin Feigl

    No matter what type of bike it is, Martin knows every bike in detail and will work with you to find the ideal vehicle for your next bike tour.

  • sale

    Michael Köberlein

    An expert in his field. Thanks to his relaxed manner, Michael will immediately find out which bike best suits your needs.

  • Sales Custom Bikes | Bike fitting

    Constantine Kolb

    Our racing rocket. As a successful cyclist, Consti knows exactly which fittings - whether a part upgrade or seating position - will make your riding experience more profitable.

  • Marketing Manager

    Joshua Deckert

    Think about where you’ve met Zweirad Stenger before. Joshua is responsible for this. Creativity flows through his veins and he ensures that the Stenger two-wheeler remains on everyone's lips.

  • Clothing

    Alex Jung

    Our clothing expert for cyclists! Alex ensures that you are always stylish, comfortable and safe on the road and off-road. Who said functionality can't be fashionable?

  • Spare parts and accessories

    Jürgen Zapf

    The spare parts and accessories juggler. He has everything you need for your cycling adventures, and if not, he'll get it for you. Because a cyclist should never be without his favorite accessories!

  • Workshop management | Repair

    Bedri Yilmaz

    Our master of wrenches and circuits! It gets your bike moving again as if it never had any problems. At Bedri it's all about precision and care.

  • Workshop management | New bike

    Alex Inakin

    The creator of dream bikes! Here your individual dream bike is created from a blank canvas. His workshop is the place where imagination takes shape on two wheels.

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