Bike Fitting

Optimal riding experience thanks to bike fitting - your way to more performance and comfort on your bike!

Comfortable, powerful and perfectly tailored to you!

  1. Customization

    Every person is unique and this also applies to posture and anatomy. Through our professional bike fitting, we can tailor your bike to your individual needs. This means the correct adjustment of saddle height, handlebar position, pedal distance and much more.

  2. Comfort and ergonomics

    Our optimal bike fitting ensures maximum comfort during your rides. It minimizes the risk of pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders or wrists, making your cycling experience much more comfortable.

  3. Efficiency and Performance

    By being in the right position on the bike, you can transfer more energy to the pedals and thus increase your performance. You'll move faster and with less effort.

  4. Injury prevention

    Our customized bike fitting can prevent injuries caused by overuse or incorrect posture. It promotes your healthy posture and prevents discomfort.

  5. Riding fun and trust

    With an optimally adapted bike you will feel safer and have more fun riding. You can use your bike with confidence and enthusiasm.

  6. New perspectives

    Our bike fitting will help you discover previously untapped potential on your bike!

  • Performance optimization

    More efficient power transfer: With the right bike fitting, you can transfer your power to the pedals more efficiently. This means you can achieve more speed and power with less effort.

    Improved aerodynamics: An optimal position on the bike reduces air resistance and allows you to ride faster, especially at high speeds. This is particularly important for racing cyclists.

    Reducing fatigue: Incorrect cycling position can lead to premature fatigue. By adjusting saddle height, handlebar position and other factors, unnecessary stress is reduced, resulting in longer endurance.

    Better control and stability: An optimal bike fitting improves your stability and control of the bike, especially on demanding terrain. This allows you to tackle more technically demanding routes more safely.
  • Ergonomically optimized

    Individual adjustment: Ergonomic bike fitting begins with an in-depth analysis of your movement and flexibility. On this basis, adjustments are made to adapt your bike to your individual needs.

    Reduction of discomfort: An ergonomically optimized position on the bike minimizes discomfort and pain, especially in the back, neck, shoulders, wrists and buttocks area. This will make your driving experience much more comfortable.

    Longer rides without inconvenience: With an ergonomic adjustment, you can travel longer distances without becoming overly fatigued or uncomfortable. This increases your endurance and your driving pleasure.

    Reduced Pressure: Ergonomic adjustments reduce pressure on sensitive areas, promoting circulation and overall well-being.

    Injury prevention: Ergonomic adjustments minimize the risk of injury as we reduce unnecessary stress on muscles, joints and tendons.

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Useful information about bike fitting

Our bike fitting is a crucial step in adapting your bike to your individual needs and optimizing your riding experience. It's an investment in your comfort, performance and overall well-being while cycling. Book your appointment now!