Traveling by motorhome and bike: Practical tips:

Mit dem Wohnmobil und dem Fahrrad verreisen: Praktische Tipps für unvergessliche Abenteuer.

The combination of motorhome trips and bicycle adventures allows for maximum flexibility and the joy of discovery. Here are some practical tips for a successful trip:

I. Bicycle transport on the motorhome

Choose a suitable bike rack for your RV to safely transport your bikes. Pay attention to the permissible load capacity and ease of handling.

Tip: Check the fastenings before every trip to ensure safe transport.

II. Selection of the itinerary

Plan routes that are suitable for both the RV and the bike. National parks, coastal roads and cycle paths often offer varied landscapes and attractive stopovers.

Tip: Use special apps or maps that mark bicycle-friendly paths.

III. Bicycle tours from campsites

Choose campsites with good access to bike trails or scenic tours. This allows you to use the motorhome as a base camp and set off on exciting cycling adventures from there.

Tip: Find out in advance about campsites with secure bicycle parking.

IV. Preparation and Equipment

Make sure your bikes are well maintained before you set out. Pack necessary accessories such as helmets, tools and spare parts.

Tip: Use foldable bikes to save space and make handling easier.

With this combination of RV and bike travel, you can enjoy a varied and flexible vacation experience. Discover new places while combining the freedom of cycling and the convenience of RVing.

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