Hose machine for bicycles: self-help made easy:

Schlauchomat für Fahrräder: Selbsthilfe leicht gemacht:

Breakdowns are part of cycling, but with a hose machine you can carry out small repairs yourself. Here's how to use this simple and effective self-help service:

I. Choice of location for the hose machine

Choose an easily accessible and well-lit location for the Hoseomat. Campgrounds, bike paths or public spaces are often ideal locations.

Tip: Inform local cycling communities about the new Hoseomat location.

II. Required tools and accessories

Make sure the hose machine is equipped with basic tools and accessories: air pump, wrench, spare tubes and tire levers.

Tip: Make sure tools are in good condition and regularly maintained.

III. Instructions and information on the hose machine

Clearly label the Hoseomat with instructions for use. Add notes such as "Emergency number" or "If you have any problems, contact..."

Tip: Create a small information board with basic repair tips for cyclists.

IV. Maintenance and regular checks

Carry out regular maintenance on the Hoseomat to ensure that all tools are functional and there are enough spare parts available.

Tip: Encourage users to leave feedback to improve the quality of the Hoseomat.

A tube machine is a simple but effective way to help cyclists with small repairs and strengthen the cycling community.

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