Bicycle in winter: tips for care and use:

Fahrrad im Winter: Tipps zur Pflege und Nutzung:

Winter brings special challenges for your bike. So that you can travel safely and comfortably even in the cold season, you will find comprehensive instructions on how to care for and use your bike in winter here: 

I. Cleaning after the trip

After a winter ride, your bike is often covered in snow, salt and mud. Clean it thoroughly to avoid corrosion and premature wear. Pay particular attention to the chain, brakes and gears.

Tip: Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

II. Choosing the right tires

Winter tires with a grippy tread are essential in winter. These provide better traction on snowy or icy roads and minimize the risk of slips or falls.

Tip: Check your tire pressure regularly as it decreases more quickly in cold temperatures.

III. Lubrication and maintenance

Cold can lead to reduced lubricating effect. Therefore, in winter, use a special winter oil for the chain and lubricate moving parts such as the rear derailleur and brake levers.

Tip: Perform regular maintenance to determine if any parts need to be replaced or relubricated.

IV. Storage in extreme conditions

In extreme weather conditions, it is advisable to store the bike in a dry and protected room. Condensation can cause rust, so the bike should be completely dried before storage.

Tip: If possible, use a bike cover to protect the bike from wet and cold.

With these tips you can stay mobile even in winter and enjoy the joy of cycling safely.

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