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Don't get us wrong, we are all for racing. The upper echelons of the Grand Tour, the monuments of the classics, are in our DNA. But sometimes riding for the sake of riding, riding for the love of riding, is exactly what we need. And that's exactly what the Aethos was created for. Sure, it hasn't compromised on performance and is the lightest frame on the market, but without compromising on style. Aethos: billions of calculations in search of one thing: the perfect vehicle.

The Satin Carbon/Jet Fuel color combination is the lightest finish we offer for an S-Works Aethos frame. It's also the perfect canvas if you crave a custom paint job. This is our RTP (Ready to Paint) color scheme that allows you to envision the interior, colors and design of your dreams and then work with a specialist painter to turn it into reality.
  • The Aethos frame was developed with the perfect combination of maximum ride feel, low weight and style: From accelerating on steep climbs and technical descents to all-day saddle comfort even on long rides, the Aethos hits the mark. But how, you ask? By reinventing the traditional road shape as seen on bikes past, we've subtly altered these shapes to achieve a massive gain in stiffness and balance without compromising weight or durability. Combine this with a completely new layout and a process we've perfected over several decades, and you get the lightest frame ever (585 grams, S-Works, size 56cm). The Aethos is more than just a new bike, it's the first of a new generation.
  • A featherweight frame is useless without confidence-inspiring riding characteristics. That's why we designed the Aethos to offer the perfect balance between front and rear wheel stiffness and exceptional ride quality. By studying the bending and breathing of carbon fibers, we were able to gain groundbreaking insights into how forces flow through frames. After just a few pedal strokes, you'll realize that this great ride sets a new standard.
  • The Satin Carbon/Jet Fuel color scheme is ready to ride right out of the box, but features logos that are adhered over a clear coat so they can be easily removed if you want to work with a specialized painter. The frame kit includes a second set of decals to be applied after painting. Please note that the limited warranty provided by Specialized will no longer apply if you change the paint job and/or graphics of your Aethos. All issues relating to such changes must be clarified between you and the painter.



Fork S-Works FACT Carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
Base colour 1 Black
Model year 2023
Frame S-Works Aethos FACT 12r Carbon, Rider First Engineered, Threaded BB, Electronic cable routing only, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc. Satin Carbon/Jet Fuel colorway. Decals over a clear coat for easy removal if custom painting is desired. Extra decals are provided with the frame set. The limited warranty provided by Specialized will no longer apply to your paint and graphics upon custom painting. Paint and graphics warranty with Specialized is voided upon custom painting.
Frame size 52

Please note that there may be deviations between the specified and the installed components on bicycles.

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