X-TRA-DRY XL Mudguard

3000094 SKS
Super-light and extremely stable rear mudguard

The classic in XL! The SKS mudguard X-TRA-DRY XL is the big brother of the MTB mudguard X-TRA-DRY. With increased splash protection, it is also suitable for larger wheel diameters up to a maximum tyre width of 2.5 inches.

Mudguard made from impact-resistant high-performance plastic

The mountain bike mudguard made of black, impact-resistant high-performance plastic can be attached to the bike seat post without tools thanks to the quick-release fastening. The X-TRA-DRY XL also has an easy-to-adjust angle joint. Ideal for 29" bikes.

  • Quick-release fastening
  • Made from impact-resistant high-performance plastic
  • Angle adjustment
  • Ideal for mountain bikes
  • Made in Germany

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X-TRA-DRY XL Mudguard

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